Sharing digital pictures are great but you can not assure if the digital unprinted photos you possess will still be available in the future. Storage devices also change (do you still save photos in a CD or are you using now a memory card?).
Whatever circumstances are, you can still remember your most precious moments on your prints. You don't want to find out one day that collection of your adventures on the sea with your hubby, summer vacation with your family or moments of your hard work to success will be wiped out in an instant causing you stress, endless tears and disappointment. 

Foxgram allows you to print Instagram photos whenever and wherever you want. Get your social media photos on high quality photo papers and beautifully designed magnets at great prices you can surely be happy with. It's easy and convenient.
Login to your Instagram account and simply click a button to choose your precious pictures for print. You can select between two options. You can either have your pictures on high quality magnets or equally excellent matte or glossy photo paper.

Shipping is only $2.99 (*US only)

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Give the Gift of a Photo

February 06, 2015

A photo is one of the most treasured and personal gift that you can give to someone. The photo will mark that special occasion and moment. It last a lifetime and is the best gift that can be given. Giving a photo isn’t as simple as you may think. How many photos do you have on your Instagram? You probably have tons, but don’t know how to take some of those photos and turn them into that special gift. How do you choose which photo to give as a gift?Tips to Give Photo Gifts: Choose a photo that you are going to give that has a sentimental meaning. The photo can be of your parents with all their children or...

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